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A lot of my customers ask, “what brand HVAC equipment should I buy?” Or they ask, “isn’t Carrier and Trane the best? ” Well, if you think Ford or Chevrolet is the best then maybe they are. Certainly, Carrier and Trane are in a battle to be #1 in the world. Both brands sell a high percentage of their equipment overseas. If you are striving to be #1 then you will need to sell your equipment cheap. Look at Wal-Mart – if you need to sell a lot of HVAC equipment and have the lowest price – then you will need to make it cheap. Trane and Carrier are large Corporations and they watch the bottom line. I can see a stockholder meeting now. The directors announce that last year we made 10 gazillion dollars, but we need to make 100 gazillion dollars next year and need some ideas. “I know” an engineer in the front row announces, “you know those circuit boards we buy from Oklahoma for $156.00 a piece, I found a supplier in Vietnam for only $112.90 a piece.” “Great idea,” the president says, give this man a raise and they commence to use the cheaper boards.

Carrier and Trane HVAC Systems

How do I know this happens? Every year Carrier and Trane issues over 100 service bulletins each year, announcing a certain part they used is faulty and if we sold any then we need to go out and replace them. Other brands like Coleman and Goodman issue less than 20 service bulletins per year.

A typical 10-year-old Carrier furnace with a bad circuit board goes through 10 revisions in that 10 year period. Why? Because they let the customers “test” the equipment and then make the upgrades are needed. Customers say, “I see a lot of ads for Carrier and Trane” implying that makes it a good product. But I say, “How many ads do you see for a Rolls Royce?” By far the best automobile product, yet never advertises. You see a lot of ads for Ford and Chevrolet also, but that doesn’t make them the best!

What Is the Best Heating and Air Conditioning Brand?

Well, you say, what is the best brand? It varies from year to year but as a small dealer, we prefer to install HVAC equipment that doesn’t break because if we warranty it, then we have to fix it for free. We prefer a brand like Coleman, American Standard, and Goodman that use parts that are tried and proven. The most expensive brands are American Standard, followed by Lennox and Coleman. Carrier, Rheam, and Goodman are in the middle, followed by a host of very inexpensive brands. Carrier makes 4 different brands: Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night and Payne – the least expensive. Nordyne makes 15 brands. They all sound like old refrigerator names – Maytag, Kelvinator, Frigidare, etc. Goodman makes only 1 brand and has the least warranty of all the brands. This makes Goodman by far the best value for the money and the only one with lifetime warranties! Trane and American Standard are together. Keep in mind that all manufacturers seem to make a great product once in a while. None are completely perfect. We are constantly keeping abreast of all the HVAC lines and their reliability and will only recommend the finest equipment available at that time. We have no commitment to any one brand, so we can remain unbiased. After all, you are depending on our company to ensure your home is comfortable. You don’t call a carrier at 2 a.m. when your system breaks, you call us.

So if you have had good luck with Carrier then maybe you want another one- you need to call us and get a free estimate and appraisal of your needs and budget, and we will work with you to get the best HVAC product and installation available. We know we can make your home the comfortable castle you have always wanted it to be. Our quality craftsmen will take pride in installing your equipment so it will stand the test of time and give you many long years of dependable service for your family.

How Long Should My Carrier or Trane Equipment Last?

Depends on the type of HVAC application. If you have a gas-pack (furnace and A/C in one box outside) Carrier typically last 9-12 years, other brands 12-14 years, and if you properly maintain your system it can last 20 years. By comparison, a split system which has the condensing unit outside but the furnace inside or heat pump air handler inside – that HVAC application usually last 15-25 years, sometimes 30 plus years. However, anything over 20 years is so inefficient by now that you would actually be better off to replace it.

Save Money on Your Heating and Cooling Bills

The reason for heating and cooling systems is to provide comfort to your indoor environment. We are constantly asked, “how can I be comfortable while controlling my energy budget and usage?” The easiest way to do this is by adjusting your thermostat settings for the seasons, when you are asleep, and when you are away from home.

Warm Weather

When the weather is hot out, you want to do everything you can to stay cool indoors without breaking the bank. We are guilty of blasting the AC during those sweltering days, but it is recommended that you set your home’s cooling system at 78 degrees Fahrenheit when you are home.

If you leave the house for work or know you will be out for at least four hours, you should set the cooling system to 88 degrees Fahrenheit. You should especially keep this in mind when you are vacationing or know you will be gone for days at a time.

Cold Weather

When the weather is chilly, consider keeping your thermostat at 68-70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day and 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit at night. This should keep you comfortable and help you save on heating costs. When you do raise the temperature, make sure you do so slowly. Quickly raising the heat pump’s temperature activates the heat strip which uses a lot of energy.

If you are going to be away for days at a time, set your thermostat to 60 degrees but do not turn it off.

Other tips to save money during the winter months include closing the flue in your fireplace and installing glass doors to keep in the warm air. Try to keep your thermostat close to the outside temperature – it’s cheaper to keep your home at 70°F when it’s 50°F outside than when it’s 30°F. Make sure you don’t block air vents with drapes and furniture. Change the filters in your heating system every month for optimum efficiency and lower the thermostat every time you leave the house. Lastly, heat your home with the sun’s help. Leave window shades or blinds open during the daytime.

Setting Your Thermostat

To sum it up, in warm months try to keep your thermostat at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. In cooler weather try to keep is around 68-70 degrees and consider lowering it at night if you are able. During both seasons, adjust your thermostat anytime you are going to be out of the house for more than four hours.

Energy.gov reports that you can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling by simply turning your thermostat back 7-10 degrees for eight hours a day from its normal setting.

As always, let Tower Heating and air know if you have any questions and contact us for more tips on how to save money.

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